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First Email Newsletter

You are looking at the first Siloam Springs Email Newsletter. Just a quick reminder of all the events that is coming our way at the Siloam Springs Church. For those who sign up, this will come directly to your email, otherwise, it will be posted on the church webstie www.siloamspringschurch.org. We hope you find it useful and informative. 

Prayer Meeting - Tuesday 6:30pm

We will study the last chapter of Daniel including the time prophecies of the 1,290 & 1,335 days mentioned at the end. Next week we will begin a new series to be announced in a future newsletter. 

Small Group Study - Wednesday 6:30pm

Robin & Hank are leading out in a small group study on prayer. Join this weekly group as they learn more about how to pray, why we should pray, and what God does in response to our prayers. 

This Sabbath - Springtown's Mens Group

The church service this Sabbath will feature the men's group from the Springtown Church. They will provide a spiritual and musical worship service that will be a blessing to all who attend. Stay by afterwards for the fellowship lunch.

Finance Committee & Church Board

Sunday, March 20, 2016 - Finance committee will meet at 5pm followed by the Church Board at 6:30pm. Thank you to these volunteers who spend their time to help in the administration of this church.

Special Sabbath Coming - March 26th

March 26th will be a very full day. It is 13th Sabbath and a special Sabbath School program is planned. Followed by a communion service for church as we remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. Fellowship lunch after services. Also, the nominating committee will be elected that day. Then the ARKLA Conference will hold a Town Hall Meeting at the Gentry Church at 7pm. The officers of the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference will give reports and the agenda includes Mission 2016, evangelism, education/OAA update, financial updates and CYB reports. There will be time for questions.

Women's Ministry Event - April 3rd

Brunch & Movie: Ladies get ready for the next event for the women 18 years old and up! We will be going to go eat brunch at Village Inn then right after go watch God's Not Dead 2! This will be just like when we went to Crystal Bridges when everyone pays for themselves, even greater news the movie ticket is just under $5! We will be meeting at the Siloam Springs Seventh-Day Adventist Church at 9am, carpool over, eat then watch the movie right after at Fiesta Square in Fayetteville.

Art Club

The next Art Club meeting will be April 17, 2016. Space is limited to 10 people. Contact Bev Periman to register. 

QFN - Quilts for Needy

Thursday, March 24th from 2-4pm. Volunteers needed to help make blankets for those who need them. On-site training provided. Donations of material accepted.