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The First Week of Spring

Spring is a great example of life coming from something that appears dead. Buds on the barren trees, flowers sprouting from the ground teach us about God's love. It is this time of year to we remember that the gift of everlasting life came out of Christ's death on the cross. May we always be in awe of God's love for us. 

Prayer Meeting - Tuesday 6:00pm

New starting time for our Prayer Meeting Series. The first 1/2 hour we will spend in Music and Prayer and then at 6:30pm the DVD series More About Jesus will be shown with the segment Venden 2 Venden and the sermon which is about 45min. We will close with a short discussion and prayer after the presentation ending at our usual time of 7:30pm. This is a very powerful seminar, one that I am sure you will not want to miss. It is one of the last time Morris Venden took on a long preaching series before his death. This series will help you have a deeper, richer friendship with God. 

Small Group Study - Wednesday 6:30pm

Robin & Hank are leading out in a small group study on prayer. Join this weekly group as they learn more about how to pray, why we should pray, and what God does in response to our prayers. 

Thank you Springtown's Mens Group

Last Sabbath we were blessed to have the Springtown Men's Group give our worship service. Our very own Frank L. is part of that group seen on the far left of the front row. Thank you Monica for the picture. I heard from some that stayed for the fellowship meal how impressed they were with the work that has been done on the facilities and they enjoyed their time of fellowship with Siloam Springs. It was a blessing for all.

Communion Service Sabbath

This Sabbath we will participate in a Communion Service to remember what Jesus did for us. His death brings us life. Let's come together to celebrate His gift.

ARKLA Conference Town Hall Meeting: March 26th, 7pm

The Conference administration invite you to a Town Hall Meeting on Sabbath evening, March 26th, 7pm at the Gentry Church. An overview of evangelism, statistics, education and C.Y.B. will be given. There will also be time for Q&A.

QFN - Quilts for Needy

Thursday, March 24th from 2-4pm. Volunteers needed to help make blankets for those who need them. On-site training provided. Donations of material accepted. 

Recovery Group: Begins Thursday, 6:30pm

An ongoing support group sponsored by the area Seventh-day Adventist churches begins this week at the Total Life Center in Gentry. It's purpose is to support the needs of members and community friends who: 1) Have a desire to stay clean and sober, 2) Have a hope to rise above the pain and turmoil engendered by the addiction of a loved one, 3) Wish to break the bondage of compulsive behavior, 4) Have a family member or loved one suffering, 5) Live with the struggles of emotional or mental health challenges, or 6) Are powerless over people, places, situations, i.e. terminal illness. Please attend if you feel this group will help. Share with friends who might be in need. It is free to attend, there are optional materials available for sale. Call Pastor Tony Cash if you further questions. 

SKMM Meeting Sunday, 6:30pm

The monthly meeting for Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry will be this Sunday at 6:30pm. Member and supporters are encouraged to attend. Plans for Iron Horse and Weddington Lake will be discussed. If you would like to join this ministry, come to the meeting and speak with the officers. You do not have to own a motorcycle to be part of this ministry.

Women's Ministry Event - April 3rd

Brunch & Movie: Ladies get ready for the next event for the women 18 years old and up! We will be going to go eat brunch at Village Inn then right after go watch God's Not Dead 2! This will be just like when we went to Crystal Bridges when everyone pays for themselves, even greater news the movie ticket is just under $5! We will be meeting at the Siloam Springs Seventh-Day Adventist Church at 9am, carpool over, eat then watch the movie right after at Fiesta Square in Fayetteville.

Art Club

The next Art Club meeting will be April 17, 2016. Space is limited to 10 people. Contact Bev Periman to register. 

Online Giving Available

A link is available on the church website, www.siloamspringschurch.org to give tithes and offerings online. This is through a website Adventist Giving. A secure and private way to give.